Imholte’s Divorce Countdown


– Steel Toe Morning Show Host Couple –

Aaron & April Imholte

are getting divorced!

In 2021, Aaron Imholte and his second wife April Imholte tied the knot in Las Vegas. Since then, their marital problems have come out on their radio show, Steel Toe Morning Show. It’s apparent that Aaron rarely satisfies April sexually, the show’s failure is causing stress and anxiety, the lack of funds are affecting their personal life, and the grueling schedule of nearly 10 shows and 40 hours of broadcasting are catching up to the couple. The on-air bickering is reaching a boiling point. It’s also cutting in to Aaron’s time with his and former wife Ashley Larue’s children, as he recently admitted he had to leave them home while he took April to the Minnesota State Fair to get drunk instead. The couple’s routine drinking and bickering is sure to lead to some kind of abuse, custody battle, or worse.

How long can this last? We say less than two more years!

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Aaron & April Imholte – DIVORCE CLOCK – Steel Toe Morning Show - Aaron Imholte & April Imholte - End of Marriage Divorce Countdown!